Adolescents and Families

Adolescence is a time when teens are often struggling with self-esteem, body image, peer challenges, physical and hormonal changes, identity exploration, sexual issues, not to mention perhaps they are coming to terms with blended families, divorce, relationship issues, grief and loss, extra curriculuar demands, and the age old question- who do I want to be when I grow up?

My experience working with adolescents includes a variety of settings, such as residential groups homes, in a summer youth employment and school program, in a program that took college-bound teens to the Olympics, as a youth leader at a local church, and individually when families needed support with mental health concerns and self-esteem.  This age group is a pleasure to work with particularly because they are coming into their own and experiencing life as a developing young adult. While they may be nervous about their own individual paths, they are often willing to try new things and experience life in a way that I find refreshing.

If your teen is struggling with depression, self-esteem, peers and family, grief and loss, or in school, I would love to meet your teen.  My hope is that while I work individually with your teenager, I would also work with the family along the way. We don’t exist in the world without our supports.  Everyone is affected by each family member, and counseling can be beneficial when the support system is working together.

My counseling techniques include talk therapy, solution-focused therapy, problem solving techniques, cognitive behavioral techniques, as well as art therapy, creative writing, and journaling.

To schedule and appointment or learn more about my work with teens, please email me at joregonrose (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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