Project Services


If you’ve got an interesting idea, dream, or project in mind, I want to hear about it! With my Project Services, I will help you get that idea out of your mind and into action.

Often offered in conjunction with my Life Coaching program, Project Services is an avenue for you to actualize a specific goal. Whether it’s building a website, marketing a product, or putting on an event, together you and I can work on a project plan and complete tasks.

My sliding scale fee is $10-50 per hour, and I can meet with you in person at my Eugene office or via Skype.

Services offered:

  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Editing support
  • Project Organization and Guidance

Previous projects I have helped with:

The Large Rock and The Little Yew

Barbara Date

Emerald Lawn & Restoration

Kickstarter Project: Apocalyptica Playing Card Deck

Kickstarter Project: AfterEarth: The Fall