Private Practice Counseling Services


My life and professional experiences have allowed me to reach out to many different populations with a variety of needs. Using a strengths-based approach, I strive to understand each client’s unique situation and adapt our counseling sessions accordingly. Individuals, couples, and families are all welcome in my office. Also, I am LGBTQ friendly and enjoy working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

In particular, I work with:

In addition to counseling services, I also guide people through life transitions with my life coaching and actualizing goals with project services.

I offer in-person and Skype counseling sessions at a sliding scale fee range of $50-100 per session. For clients experiencing financial hardship, we can work together to create a counseling program that both meets their needs and responsibly uses their resources. Please contact me to discuss further details at joregonrose (at) yahoo (com). At this time I do not accept any form of insurance. Direct payment actually offers my clients more privacy and extended service plans without limitations from insurance companies.

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